Lemon syrup

Home-made lemon syrup produced with the fruits of our garden, Limonaia La Malora.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, lemon juice, water.



Lemon syrup is concentrated juice, ideal for preparing the thirst-quenching drink that we offer daily to our visitors at La Malora. To prepare an excellent and refreshing lemonade it is enough to add a small amount of the syrup (about 1/8, according to your taste) to water and, to taste, the peel or juice of fresh lemons and ice.

The lemon juice is filtered with a fine strainer. Sugar is added and mixed well to dissolve it. This mixture is then warmed up to 70°C to pasteurize it and poured into sterilised airtight bottles.

Shake well before opening and when opened, store in a refrigerator.


Shake well before use.
Once opened, store in a refrigerator and consume within a couple of weeks.


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