Mandarino – 0,5L Bottle

Mandarin liqueur is produced with mandarins grown in Gargnano.

INGREDIENTS: Water, alcohol, sugar, mandarin peel.



Mandarino is a perfect liqueur for those who prefer a fresh and delicate flavour. When we harvest the fruits we peel them immediately. A small part of the peel is used to make marmalade and the rest to produce the liqueur.

The peel is placed in alcohol and left to soak for three days. A syrup of water and sugar is then added and the product is left for around two weeks, after which it is ready for bottling.

What distinguishes this liqueur is the exceptional quality of our fruits. Cultivation is absolutely natural, without the use of chemical pesticides. Only if strictly necessary, the fruits can be sprayed with a copper pesticide (allowed in organic farming). The result is a fully biological fruit.

This process is verifiable by visiting our lemon garden.


The preparation of this product does not involve filtration. For this reason, the liqueur can appear cloudy and sometimes tiny droplets of essential oils can float to the surface.
This is completely natural.

Drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive!


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