Che Cappero! – 0,2L Bottle

Caper liqueur produced with capers grown in our garden.

INGREDIENTS: Capers, alcohol, water, sugar.



This liqueur is a real oddity: it is both sweet and salty. At first, you experience a salty taste, followed after a few seconds, by a sweet note.

This liqueur was made in collaboration with chef Saulo della Valle, owner of L’Osteria H2O in Moniga del Garda and creator of the collection of culinary products E-LE-MENTI.

To prepare it, I place the capers in the alcohol and leave them to infuse for four weeks. I remove them from the infusion and squeeze them well to get more juice. I heat the water and add the sugar, mixing well. I let this sugary water cool and add the caper infusion. I place the obtained mixture in an airtight container and let it rest for about a month so that the salt settles at the bottom. Finally I remove the sediment, filter the liqueur well and bottle it.


The preparation of this product does not involve filtration. For this reason, the liqueur can appear cloudy and sometimes tiny droplets of essential oils can float to the surface.
This is completely natural.

Drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive!


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