Lemon marmalade with peel

Marmalade produced from lemons grown in our lemon garden.

INGREDIENTS: Lemons (35 %), apples, sugar, fruit Pectine.



The lemons are gently washed with a soft brush, they are peeled and then squeezed to obtain the juice. The apples are cored, peeled and then cut into small pieces. Apples, lemon peel and lemon juice are blended together to make a puree. The mixture in placed in a large pot, brought to the boil and cooked for 20 minutes. Sugar is added and boiling is continued for an additional 20 minutes, until the marmalade reaches the required density.

Since January 2020 a collaboration with master of marmalades Giammarco  from Cascina Balcarino has been established. The fruits from our garden are processed by Giammarco according to our original recipe.

200 g hexagonal jar.


Delicious marmalade prepared with our fruits.


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