Limonaia La Malora - Decorazione
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Limonaia “La Malora”

The lemon garden (“Limonaia”) La Malora is located in Gargnano, on the western coast of Lake Garda.

It is an old structure dating back to the sixteenth century and is used for the cultivation of lemons.

It is unique in its kind: unlike the surrounding lemon gardens, now mostly abandoned or re-developed as homes, La Malora is still a productive limonaia, perfectly preserved and available for visits. This is thanks to the commitment and passion of the owner Giuseppe Gandossi and his son Fabio.

The rebirth of a lemon garden

Passion from father to son

Buying a house next to a lemon garden was a choice dictated by love for this land and for its uniqueness.

Reviving the lemon garden was a complex task, mostly because I wanted to follow thoroughly the tradition, from the reconstruction of the masonry and the stone pillars, the choice of suitable timber for poles, windows and boards, up to the restoration of canals for irrigation.

And then of course the care of the lemons, their pruning and fertilizing, everything is done according to completely natural methods, just like gardeners used to do hundreds of years ago.

Giuseppe Gandossi 

Limonaia La Malora Gargnano - Gandossi
Limonaia La Malora - Decorazione
Limonaia La Malora Gargnano -

I have followed a very different path from my father, a path that has often led me away from here.

But the passion for the limonaia, for its care, is something that I have deeply engrained in my heart.

I have always dedicated my efforts to art, in particular theatre and painting, and I believe that my love for beauty is made real through this wonderful garden.

Fabio Gandossi 

Relive the tradition

Beautiful and unique architectural structures

Limonaia La Malora - Gargnano Lago di Garda


Along its western shore, Lake Garda still offers visitors beautiful and unique architectural structures: ancient lemon gardens

Among them is, La Malora, which takes its name from a nearby stream.

Located on a gently sloping hill, protected by a small valley and close to the shore of the lake, our garden has produced lemons for five centuries in perfect climatic conditions.

The plants, some more than a hundred years old, belong to a native variety and produce fruits with a thin and very perfumed skin. It is with these that we make a limoncello of the highest quality..

You can visit our garden autonomously, following a path through the old structures and learn about the roofing technique, the particular irrigation system, the mill wheel and, the storage house with the old work tools.


Limonaia La Malora Gargnano - entratra
Limonaia La Malora - Decorazione

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